Alok Sutradhar


Assistant Professor
Department of Plastic Surgery,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
(Graduate Faculty)
915 Olentangy River Road, Suite 2100
Columbus OH 43212
The Ohio State University
Ph: 614-293-7655

research-icon Research Interests

Our core expertise is in computational mechanics and computational methods, modeling and simulation dealing with complex materials. Our group performs interdisciplinary research that employs mechanics, mathematical modeling, computational method and imaging to solve problems within the fields of mechanics, biomechanics, biomedical modeling, cancer modeling, and tissue engineering. Our long term research goal is to understand the mechanics of biological systems and apply that knowledge to develop and expand towards innovative optimized system, biomimetics designs and bioinspired materials.


 Image result for highlights icon Research Highlights

nsf1   Computational Modeling, Simulation, and Validation for Tissue Transplantation

  (NSF Award #1521801) 9/2015-8/2018

A fundamental problem in tissue transplantation in reconstructive surgery is how to determine the size of tissue flap that can be transferred without the development of necrosis. Improved understanding of the anatomy of tissue blood supply combined with advances in instrumentation and surgical techniques has resulted in modern methods to transfer tissue based on single arteries and veins. Surgeons still rely on personal experience to make a qualitative assessment of the adequacy of blood supply when deciding the size of the flap. It is therefore important to develop a practical tool to enable the most reliable flap design based on the adequacy of blood supply. In order to address this problem, this research project will develop robust mathematical models using data-driven tools, imaging and computational mechanics.